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Microbe Lift Amazon Bio-Colorant 118ml

Microbe Lift Amazon Bio-Colorant 118ml

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Microbe Lift Amazon Bio-Colorant 118ml

Specially formulated to reproduce the dark water conditions of the Amazon.

MICROBE-LIFT/Amazon Bio-Colorant will recreate the dark water color of the Amazon.

The Bio part of MICROBE-LIFT/Amazon Bio-Colorant is an enzymatic solution. The enzymes will help to digest waste and reduce noxious odors.

While MICROBE-LIFT/Amazon Black & Soft Water Conditioner will soften and tint water a light tan/yellow color, MICROBE-LIFT/ Amazon Bio-Colorant will darken your water light brown to dark brown, depending on the amount of colorant you dose in.

Shake Well Before Using


Dilute MICROBE-LIFT/Amazon Bio-Colorant in a bucket with water taken from your tank or tap water (you may use MICROBE-LIFT/Dechlorinator or MICROBE-LIFT/XTreme). Add 1 mL of MICROBE-LIFT/Amazon Bio-Colorant to the bucket of water for every gallon of tank water. Add additional drops if darker color is desired. Then add the diluted colorant to your aquarium.

Note: MICROBE-LIFT/Amazon Bio-Colorant is very strong. If put in your tank UNDILUTED, it may stain tank ornaments and/or rocks. The diluted colorant will not stain ornaments. Pour the diluted colorant in an area of good water flow and do not pour it directly on to porous objects (decorative coral).

Due to the differences in water quality and chemical composition, actual color will vary. To achieve your desired dark hue, apply this product a few drops at a time. Add more colorant to achieve your desired effect at any time.

MICROBE-LIFT/Amazon Bio-Colorant is safe for humans, plants and most aquatic life. Do not use with invertebrates.


Exceeding dosage rates can cause extreme darkening of water, which may reduce your aquarium lighting too much - resulting in harm to plant life. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use internally. If swallowed, drink several glasses of water and contact a physician. Avoid contact with eyes. Flush immediately if needed. If contact is made with an open wound, wash with soap and water.

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