Aqua Basics 1000w Carbon Fiber heater

Aqua Basics 1000w Carbon Fiber heater

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New carbon fiber heater, can heat up water very fast using infra-red element.

The best feature of this compact heater is that you can set how powerful you want it to be! It has a wattage range from 100 to 1000w that can be changed using the convenient remote control.

For example, if you only want to use 300w, being that the aquarium is 300L you can set it to be a 300w heater, and if you decide to use the heater in a larger aquarium, say, 1000L then you can set it to be a 1000w heater. A simple way of saving money on power usage!


Certification number SGS/230271 Authorised for sale in Australia.

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