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Aqua Science Blue 22,000 Kelvins 24 watt

Aqua Science Blue 22,000 Kelvins 24 watt

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SKU:SKU AQUA SCIENCE BLUE 22,000 Kelvins 24 watt

AQUA SCIENCE Rohre T5 BLUE 22,000 Kelvins 24 watt

The “Aqua Science Blue” T5 from Aquarium Life is ahigh output, gas discharge lamp. It provides light with a spectrum of approximately 22,000 kelvins. Following intensive development work, the number of harmful substances in the T5 lights has been dramatically reduced and its life significantly lengthened. Aqua Science T5s therefore make a real contribution towards protecting the environment along with maximum efficiency.

Our T5-Röhre in Germany at the company Narva and stands for the highest quality and durability.

Aqua blue Science Special

This new tube also from the house of Narva brings a deep blue light actinic light.

A stable range, high luminosity guarantee rapid growth and beautiful color in your corals.

With approximately 20,000 K tube to an ideal combination with the AQUA Science Special.

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