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Supreme Aqua Aquarium Light 8x24W T5 600 Long Fish Tank Light

Supreme Aqua Aquarium Light 8x24W T5 600 Long Fish Tank Light

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8x24W T5 600 Long Fish Tank Light AQUARIUM LIGHT

8xT5 H/O lighting. The light fitting comes with all wires and brackets to hang the light up.There are 8 T5 neon tubes, each 24 Watts built in the lighting which are of course included at no cost. The cover was made of high quality aluminum which also is coated to be insensitive against Oxidation and getting scratched. The lamps are suitable for freshwater and marine tanks.
This light gives your aquarium a evenly, soft light over the whole length. The lamp is 60 cm long, 40 cm wide, and only 5 cm high.
It Looks very elegant, shines very bright, and does not use up much energy. The built in reflectors are optimized for this lamp, and rise the power of the luminance about 50%.

This Fitting Has The Newest Electronic Technology And Ballasts.

This Fitting Will Bring Out The Best in Your Aquarium. A Must For Your Marine Or Plant Aquarium.

These fittings are equipped with electronic ballasts and are sensitive to power fluctuations and electrical storms. We suggest you run the light thru a surge protector.

No Warranty on glass or globes.

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