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Aquarium Salt Crystals 312gm

Aquarium Salt Crystals 312gm

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Aquarium Salt Crystals 312gm

Helps Maintain a Healthy Fish Environment & Proven to Reduce the Threat of Parasitic Infestations

    Helps to reduce the threat of parasites
    Improves gill function
    Reduces the effects of nitrite toxicity
    Nitrate & phosphate free
    Contains no additives


MICROBE-LIFT/Aquarium Salt Crystals added to your tank water can be effective in helping to maintain a healthy fish environment, and, in proper dosages, has proven to be helpful in reducing the threat of parasitic infestations in the aquarium.

MICROBE-LIFT/Aquarium Salt Crystals will temporarily block the toxic effects of nitrite, and, by initiating the production of a thicker slime coat on the fish's body surface, helps to promote a stronger immune system and reduce stress.


Do not overdose. When adding salt to tanks that contain aquatic plants, be especially careful in monitoring salt concentrations as salt can have a toxic effect on certain plants. Before adding salt to your tank, remove any zoelite products and fresh water plants that are not halotolerant.


Salt will not evaporate from the tank. After testing your tank water with a hydrometer, you can add salt with your regular water changes. We recommend mixing salt and tank water in a bucket, and then spreading the slurry around the perimeter of your tank. Be careful to avoid direct contact with aquarium plants.

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