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Microbe Lift Artemiss (Reef) 236ml

Microbe Lift Artemiss (Reef) 236ml

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Microbe Lift Artemiss (Reef) 236ml

100% Natural Expellant for Bacterial Diseases

Provides a chemical-free treatment and may assist with bacterial diseases including:

    Bacterial dropsy
    Bulging eyes
    Milky skin
    Mouth rot
    Fin/tail rot
    Raised scales

MICROBE-LIFT/Artemiss is a unique, herbal, immune-enhancing stimulant, which reduces bacterial and fungal infections.

    Will help boost the natural immune system of the fish with no risk of building up future resistance as can occur when antibiotics are used.

    Will help to drive pathogenic bacteria off the fish, and, without a host, ultimately the bacteria will die.

    Stimulates and accelerates regeneration of damaged tissue until no trace of the wound remains.

Shake Well Before Using


Shake thoroughly prior to use. Switch off UV sterilizer, protein skimmer or ozone generators. Keep biological filters operational. Best results will be achieved if product is used soon after infestation.


Add 1 mL of MICROBE-LIFT/Artemiss per 5 gal. (19 L) daily for 10 days, or add 1 tsp. (5 mL) per 25 gal. (95 L) daily for 10 days. In severe cases, a longer treatment period may be required until visible results are achieved.

Dosage (New Introduction)

When adding new fish to a quarantine or aquarium tank, alternate adding MICROBE-LIFT/Artemiss and MICROBE-LIFT/Herbtana at the standard dosage, 12 hours apart, until 2 doses of each product have been added. This will act as an immune system stimulant and destressant. MICROBE-LIFT/Artemiss is safe for all aquatic life. It is a great aid to use when acclimating fish to a new environment. MICROBE-LIFT/Artemiss has a shelf life of 2 years, provided it is kept at room temperature and stored in its original bottle. Do not allow to freeze.



    Do not use with any other medications or treatments
    Do not use with any algaecides or copper based products
    Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, flush eyes thoroughly with cold water
    Keep out of reach of children

This product is intended for use with all ornamental and aquarium fish only, and may not be used for fish intended for human consumption.

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