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Auto Top Off Relay System ATO

Auto Top Off Relay System ATO

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Complete Auto Top Up Relay System

 This system comes complete with 1x on/off float switch connected to a plug adapter with built in really.  

 The Auto Top Up system is a time and trouble saving unit that can be used for many different applications in a aquarium system where you need to be able to control or switch equipment on or off at different water levels.  

Ideal to use as a failsafe to turn of sump pump when water drops to a certain level to protect your pump and equipment.  

This unit will switch your auto top up pump on and off at your pre determined level to maintain a correct level by automatically topping up water lost by evaporation on both fresh and marine aquariums and sumps.

Using a float switch to operate a pump allowing a set water level to be maintained, thus preventing the aquarium from running dry or overflowing.  

1x Float switches with magnetic bracket; all prewired.

 System is completely pre wired for ease of use.

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