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Prodibio Bio Digest x 6

Prodibio Bio Digest x 6

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Prodibio Bio Digest x 12


BIO DIGEST is composed with nitrifying and dénitrifying bacterial strains selected for their capacity to transform the ammonia into nitrites, the nitrites into nitrates and nitrates into nitrogen. They are guaranteed free from genetic mutations.

Bacterial selection
The work of the different bacterial strains is controlled by the genetic information included in the DNA of each cell. Strains are chosen for their efficiency and their compatibility in fresh and marine water. Each strain starts a process which is continued by another strain until the toxic nitrogen compounds (ammonia and nitrite) are broken down into harmless nitrate.

The way BIO DIGEST work. The biological filtration is rapidly set up by nitrifying bacteria :

- Nitrosomonas europea
- Nitrobacter winogradskyi

This set-up and maintain biological filtration better than randomly or bacterial fights. These bacteria convert :


The cleaning by the organic waste digestion is favored by the presence of 9 strains, in optimal proportions, of hétérotrophics bacteria including

- Paracoccus dénitrificans
- Pseudomonas stuzerii

These digest organic matter ( plant and fish wastes) more rapidly than nitrifying micro-organisms (INRA 1995) and contribute to aquarium cleaning including nitrate removal

Nitrates >>> Nitrogen

In under-oxygenated areas in aquariums.These bacteria work in team; each strain ending the work begun by another. Some are capable to synthesize the dénitrifying enzymes in aérobic. It insure thus the purification, the reduction of nitrates, phosphates and prevent the growth of algae. They avoid equally by the food competition the proliferation of pathogenics organisms and decrease
thus the unexplained sickness risk.

BIO DIGEST is a high biotechnology product with an extreme concentration. This allows its presentation in AMPOULE under Nitrogen 50 billion bacteria by bulbs and a very long conservation isolated of the oxygen by avoiding thus bacterial product disadvantages in bottle which degrade as soon as you open them or freeze-dried bacteria which remain dormant. This presentation is very economic because 100% the product is efficient whenever needed.

What makes BIO DIGEST different

- 5 Good reasons for getting it right
- 50 billion bacteria per ampoule
- One major benefit - Long life
- 100% effective whenever needed
- The end of freeze-dried bacteria which remain dormant
- he end of bacteria in flasks which degrade as soon as you open them


Its benefits

- Packed for long life
- Fights every form of pollution
- Economic: The product is 100% effective whenever used
- Simple, accurate pre-measuring : self-braking ampoules
- Easy to use, instructions in the box
- Strong, crush proof packaging

In aquaculture: Increase of the food conversion of 30% ( weight of food/weight of fish produces). The ammonia and the phosphorus have been used for the multiplication of bacteria This BIO MASSS is transformed then, by the small invertebrates, in natural food.

In aquarium and aquaculture: the regular utilization of BIO DIGEST all 15 days to 1ppm : 1 amp until 1,000 liters gives the next results :

   > Rapid biological filtration start up and introduction of fish
   > Reduction of nitrates
   > Reduction of phosphates
   > Reduction of algae
   > biological Cleaning of the aquarium by the organic waste digestion
   > optimal proportion Conservation and bacterial strains renewal
   > Improvement of the quality of the water
   > unexplained sickness Reduction

Instruction for use :


Aquarium start up > - Rapid set-up for nitrification and biological balance.
1 ampoule per
60 litres

1 ampoule
for the filter
Nitrite surges
Adding fish.
> - Adjustment of nitrification activity.
After bactericidal treatment > - After elimination of treatment products, to boost biological filtration.

Dirty aquarium
Proliferation of algae.
> - Reduction of algae and cleaning by digestion of food, organic sludge and nitrate reduction.

1 ampoule
up to 1.000 litres
every 15 days
Red algae in sea water > - To rebalance Nitrates /Phosphates ratios.
Inexplicable diseases > - Reduction of stress and pathogenic micro-organisms.
Regular maintenance > - To conserve and optimise ratios between the useful strains of bacteria.

Why all 15 days ?

BIO DIGEST is particularly efficient the 2 weeks that follow its application. Bacterial multiplication speeds, different according to strains, allow to preserve these optimal purification proportions 15 days. If one wants to accelerate the process of purification it is not necessary to overdose but to near utilizations. Each week for example.

Aquarium starting up :

 1 ampoule per 60 litres + 1 ampoule for the filter.

Aquarium purifier :

 1 ampoule up to 1.000 litres every 15 days.

Strongly shake each ampoule for 15 seconds to ensure that the bacteria in the points are included in the solution. Dilute with 1 litre of aquarium water before pouring the mixture into the aquarium and the filter.

The purifying action of BIO DIGEST is strengthened by the association with BIO TRACE.

Keep away from children. Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

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