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Marine Sources Bio Fluidized Media Reactor

Marine Sources Bio Fluidized Media Reactor

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Marine Sources Fluidized Media Reactor- Bio Pellet, Carbon & Phosphate Remover

This fluidized media reactor has been specifically designed for marine use.

This Hang-On unit saves space and reduces heat. Made from High Performance materials, MSF delivers total algae control in your system. Reverse-Recirculating flow means efficient use of Phosphate removal media. Giving you the best result.

The upwards flow of the MSF allows consistent and maximum use of Bio Pellets or phosphate removal media to deliver total control of phosphates and algae. MSF is powered by Italian made Maxijet pump, using less wattage per litre & generating less heat compared to other models.

Tank Size: Up to 1000L

Product Size: 155Lx140Wx410H

Pump: Maxijet-1000

Power/Flow rate: 13W/1000l/h

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