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Blumen Bright Brick 150W DE

Blumen Bright Brick 150W DE

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Blumen Bright Brick 150W DE

Metal Halide /High Pressure Sodium Blumen Bright Brick Reflectors 150W Double EndedBrand New Reflectors for Aquarium and Hydroponic applications.  

The material is made from German metal fabricator, Alanod. It has a 95% reflective mirror finish. Reflector has optical facets surrounding the lamps to maximize every possible light reflection. It has an adjustable socket assembly with a 4Meters cord attached, which allows for 175w, 250w and 400w, lamps. The Blumen Bright is available in a mini or large size as well as a SE pendant or FC2 base DE pendant. Each pendant has a Aluminum matte finish for a clean look. Fittings also come with hang kit included.

Separate brackets to sit on top of aquarium's are for sale as a separate item in two different widths to suit most aquariums.

Please note, Reflector does not come with ballast or control gear.

    weight: 1.5KG

    Size: 445x245x170mm

    150W Double Ended

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