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Boyu Bio - chemical sponge filter SF-02

Boyu Bio - chemical sponge filter SF-02

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Precise bio-sponge with an enormous surface area. It can adsorb all dirty substances and to cultivate nitro bacteria, which are responsible for the quick decomposition of harmful substances. Ideal for breeding of discus, dwarf cichlid, guppy, killifish...etc. It can help filtering in any tank of naked tank(no sand in the tank). Use air pump or submersible pump to create an water current, in order to get the effect of filtering and to cultivate nitro bacteria.
Attributes: Material: Sponge Color: Black Quantity: 1 Pcs Total Length: 20cm/7.87inch Sponge Length: 16cm/6.30inch Sponge Diameter: 6cm/2.36inch

Rectangular sponge filter

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