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Brine shrimp eggs 20ml

Brine shrimp eggs 20ml

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Brine shrimp eggs 20ml

Brine shrimp or Artemia are an excellent food for baby fish and corals, in particular, hard to feed predatory species like Tubastrea.
Easy to cultivate, the cysts will usually hatch in 24 hours if the temperature is higher than 25C.
Hatch them in a clear container (an old 1.25L coke bottle is best) in water with a SG of 1.022. Whilst cultivating, the cysts require vigorous aeration from an air pump.
After 24 hours, turn off the aeration and in a couple of minutes, the egg shells will float to the surface whilst the babies (nauplli) will be an orange mass at the base of the bottle.
Carefully syphon off the nauplii with a piece of airline and drain them through a sieve of about 1 micron.
Be careful not to syphon out any shells or un-hatched eggs as these are unsuitable for feeding.

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