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Ocean Wonders Coral Frag Tiles 20pc

Ocean Wonders Coral Frag Tiles 20pc

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SKU:SKU Coral Frag Tiles 20pc

Ocean Wonders Coral frag tiles are designed to sit directly next to each other with no gaps between the tiles allowing corals to grow and spread across them for easy propagation.

Tile the bottom of your frag tank and in no time you will have many frags ready for sale with no effort at all. Remove the tile with the frag on it and replace it with a new tile. THE SIMPLEST EASIEST WAY TO CATCH ALL THOSE LOOSE FRAGS WITH NO EFFORT!

Approximate size 1-1/14" x 1-1/4" x 3/8" thick made from the same reef sand as all of our other popular frag mounts

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