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Cyclone CO2 and Dissolution Reactor

Cyclone CO2 and Dissolution Reactor

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Cyclone CO2 and Dissolution Reactor SPECIAL DISCOUNT PRICE! DUE TO SMALL CRACKS IN THE COLLAR THAT HOLDS THE PUMP ON. This does not impede the unit's performance and is very easy to fix with a dab of super glue. This is why they are now $14.95 and not $60+

Features and Specifications:
- 1000L/h flow rate
- Special rotating track for optimum CO2 dissolution
- High quality power head fitted with ceramic shaft for longevity
- Recycling system prevents CO2 wastage
- All gas is churned through impeller to increase dissolution
- Translucent green colour disguises reactor with plant life
- 3-in-1 design combines a bio-filter, CO2 and dissoulution reactor in one

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