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Marine Sources DHO-850C Hang On Skimmer 550L

Marine Sources DHO-850C Hang On Skimmer 550L

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Marine Sources DHO-850C Hang On Skimmer 850L

Marine Sources Devil Hang on skimmer for external use. The DHO-850C External Hang on Protein skimmer are designed to hang on the rim of your fish tank. The skimmer moves the water back and forward from your aquarium fish tank and come complete with an advanced needle wheel pump. A venturi valve attached to the pump is used to inject air into the water flow, the water is then drawn through the needle wheel impeller, which chops the incoming bubbles into a fine mist by hacking through the water air mixture and eventually creating a foam at the top of the skimmer collection cup area.

The benefits of the cone shaped design is that in principle a conical body allows the foam to accumulate more steadily through a gently sloping transition. In turn this will reduce the overall turbulence, resulting in more efficient skimming.

It is easy to adjust the water level inside the skimmer compared to other traditional hang on skimmers. You can adjust the water level accurately depending on the skimmers operational situation. There is no need to move the collection cup up and down to make the adjustments like other hang on skimmers.
Which is inconvenient and inaccurate.


Latest cone shape reaction chamber
Removable skimmer body/bubble plate design
Extreme performance needle wheel impellers
Equipped with innovative dual venturi air intake unit
Smooth twist collection cup for easy cleaning / maintenance.
Made with top quality cast acrylic, which means these skimmers are ozone friendly.
Air intake silencer for each needle wheel pump included.


Model no. DHO-850C
Skimmer type: External hang on use
Pump:Devil SP3
Power ratings / Actual power: 13w
Max tank volume: 850L
Dimensions (Length / width / Height mm): 205 x 145 x 600
12 months warranty

Air intake: Max 700L/H
Max. size of the tank (L):850
Normal stocking (L): 500~850
Heavy stocking (L): 250~500
Please Click HERE to see the way to start the MS hang on skimmer at the 1st time operation.

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