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Marine Sources DHO-900C Hang On Skimmer 550L

Marine Sources DHO-900C Hang On Skimmer 550L

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Marine Sources DHO-900C Hang On Skimmer 900L

Skimmer type: External Hang on type
Size(Length / width / Height MM):205 / 175 / 600
Reaction chamber diameter: 150MM
Pump / power:Red Devil SP3 /13 W
Reaction body: Cone design
Air intake: Max 700L/H
Max. size of the tank (L):900
Normal stocking (L): 550~900
Heavy stocking (L): 250~550

24 Months warranty on pump excl. shaft and pin wheel.

Marine Sources Devil Hang on (DHO) Skimmer  feature
1 Innovative cone shape hang on skimmer design can perfect the  performance both in efficiency and operational stability.
2 All the MS hang on skimmer is equipped with bubble plate to enrich the bubble and reduce the turbulence.
3 MS SDC-800 hang on Skimmer is powered by Devil pinwheel pump. This pump can pull up to 700L/H of air with 13W power consumption.
4 It is easy to adjust the water level inside the skimmer compared to other traditional hang on skimmer. It can adjust the water level accurately depending on the skimmer operational situation. (no need to make the collection cup up and down to make the adjustment like other hang on skimmer. It was inconvenient and inaccurate)
5 Smooth-twist collection cup design make it easy to clean. Also all the cup is matching the drain plug and draining tube. It further make the cleaning job effortless

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