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Dici mini double co2 valve

Dici mini double co2 valve

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Mini single gauge CO2 regulator

This product can withstand high pressure, and the bubble counter has the non-return function. New design washer, no need to tighten with a wrench.


NEW DICI SEALING SYSTEM: There's nothing worse than a slow silent leak to empty out your cylinder well before it should have. Such leaks are usually related to sealing issues in connections on the regulators. To counteract this and lessen the possibility of it occurring we have changed our fittings to industrial G1/4 fittings and double sealed them using an oring in the seat of the connection along with Loctite thread sealant to all threads. It's a simple solution to an annoying problem.


  • Twin 1.5cm pressure gauges which read both regulator pressure and cylinder pressure.
  • Alloy body.
  • Supplied with the CO² bubble counter as pictured.
  • Silent operation.
  • Fine tune needle valve.
  • Supplied with spare rubber O-ring
  • To suit Australian Standard AS2473 Type 30 cylinder taps (as per all DICI cylinders).
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