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Dici pro series 1 co2 valve with solenoid

Dici pro series 1 co2 valve with solenoid

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Double gauge C02 regulator+solenoid+bubble counter
This product is made of brass. The stablized pressure design makes the output more stable. The needle valve can adjust the output speed and the bubble counter also has a non-return function.
The new DICI Professional Series 1 CO2PRO is a great little unit boasting all of the features it's big brother has without the size. To keep you well informed the Compact is equipped with two little 2.5cm gauges showing regulator and cylinder pressure. Of course as one would expect it is equipped with a fine tuning needle valve and our units now come standard with an alloy/glass bubble counter with built in check valve so you can accurately measure your drop rate. The Compact unit marries beautifully to the CO2PRO 0.82L cylinder making it the perfect little Nano unit but in reality it's certainly not limited to Nano applications, you can connect this bad boy to any size cylinder you like, the sky's the limit.
Twin 2.5cm pressure gauges which read both regulator pressure and cylinder pressure.
DICI Aqua Electronic Solenoid Valve for automatic ON/OFF.
Alloy body.
Supplied with the CO² bubble counter as pictured.
Silent operation.
Low power consumption.
Fine tune needle valve.
Supplied with spare rubber O-ring
To suit Australian Standard AS2473 Type 30 cylinder taps (as per all DICI cylinders).
NEW DICI SOLENOID: All of the DICI Professional Series 1 regulators come fitted with a solenoid. Anyone that has had experience with CO2 injection solenoids would know that it's hard to find a reliable one. Why is that? Australia has what is commonly known as a 'dirty' supply of power. Electricity is delivered to our households with fluctuating frequencies which puts unnecessary load on appliances. Unfortunately that load is detrimental to the longevity of most solenoids.
Australia also experiences numerous spikes small and large with the smaller ones often going unnoticed unless of course you have CO2 Injection on your Aquarium.
The DICI Professional Series 1 has a newly designed solenoid that is about as close as you can get to bulletproof.
The new solenoid is a brilliant design and is based on the Nass Magnet solenoids with circuitry designed specifically to withstand Australia's power supply issues.
NEW DICI SOLENOID BLOCK: The new Solenoid Block is built to perfection, shutting off to a perfect seal every time. The block itself holds the mechanisms to permit and restrict flow of CO² to the needle valve via a magnetically driven plunger. This keeps the electrical components separate eliminating any chance of water damage.
NEW DICI SEALING SYSTEM: There's nothing worse than a slow silent leak to empty out your cylinder well before it should have. Such leaks are usually related to sealing issues in connections on the regulators. To counteract this and lessen the possibility of it occurring we have changed our fittings to industrial G1/4 fittings and double sealed them using an oring in the seat of the connection along with Loctite thread sealant to all threads. It's a simple solution to an annoying problem.
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