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Dici Stainless steel CO2 Diffuser S

Dici Stainless steel CO2 Diffuser S

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The diffuser is made of 316 stainless steel, polishing process. It can help improve the C02 diffusion.
Lenth: 235mm
The other distinct advantage of a stainless steel diffuser is the ceramic discs are replacable if required. As algae forms on the surface of the ceramic disc it clogs up the pores resulting in larger less effective bubbles being formed. When this happens there is less surface area of gas in contact with water therefore reducing the rate of absorbtion. However when algae builds on a stainless steel diffuser simply unscrew the cap, flip the diffuser over and it works like new again.
DICI Stainless Steel Diffuser - Large, 3cm Ceramic Disc
Stainless steel diffusers are a stylish addition to any planted aquarium with CO2 Injection.
Total height 23.5cm
Supplied with silicone hose
Supplied with 2 suction cups
Very fine diffusion of CO2
Unlike glass it's impossible to break
Suitable for up to 300L tanks
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