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ECO- BLDC controllable pump 12000 LPH

ECO- BLDC controllable pump 12000 LPH

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DC Series Water Pumps
The New Standard in Controllable Water Pumps

TheBLDC Controllable water pumps are the pinnacle of quality DC pumps for the pond, aquarium or even pool applications. These pumps offer DC or Direct Current power, while a vast majority of pumps these days are AC. DC allows you to provide the pump with variable speed control, soft startup and feed/maintenance timers. Direct current also creates more effecient and lower power consumption operation.

The BLDC controller has 6 preset speeds which are indicated by LED indicator lights, as well as the ability to turn off the pump. Also included is the ability to put the pump into a "service" or "feed" mode which will turn off the pump for a period of 30 minutes. This is very helpful when performing water changes or maintenance to your aquarium. Our smart controller also detects a if the pump is running out of water and shuts down to prevent damage in 10 seconds.

In the event of a power outage the pump has an internal memory which will bring the pump back to its original state after power restoration. Other features included with the smart controller for DC pumps is the over amperage and over voltage protection, as well as low voltage and low amperage protection.

The controller design is made for performance and heat reduction. To dissipate heat, each Smart Controller comes standard with integrated heat sinks and mounting brackets. Connections are made with water resistant aviation plugs for redundancy in safety and performance.

Heat Dissipating Heat Sink Design
Speed and pause indicator LEDs
Three button to control speed and pause
Water-resistant power connector
Aluminum Contruction for maximum performance

Pump is BLDC motor driven by a sine wave controller.
Pump body is filled with epoxy resin
Closed impeller is more effective and reduces heat exchange
Pump head is designed based on fluid mechanics to increase efficiency.
Titanium screw for sea water use.
Gel pump feet to decrease vibration.
Inlet and outlet mouth are threaded for easy plumbing.
What is Inside the box?

1 x DC Pump
1 x Controller
1 x Warranty Card
1 x Owners Manual
1 Year Warranty on Pump, Rotor and Controller

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