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Eden WaveJet 228 1000lph

Eden WaveJet 228 1000lph

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Eden WaveJet 228 1000lph

“WAVELET” the unique and self-rotating water outlet system, makes this line of power heads the most technologically advanced and functional product in the field of professional fish keeping. These pumps, developed to enhance the efficiency of under-gravel filtration  systems, are particularly indicated in marine tanks and in all other uses where the maximum of total water circulation will be required. The unique construction of the Wavelet System which automatically and continuously moves from left to right and back, creates a wave effect which reaches even the most hidden corners of the tank, ensuring the uniform circulation of all the water. The rotating action is obtained hydraulically and without any added energy.
200lph to 1000lph
24 watts
includes air intake tube
Fully adjustable water flow
Made In Italy
2 year replacement warranty

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