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Fluidized Bio Filter 800L/h

Fluidized Bio Filter 800L/h

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Fluidized Bio Filter 800L/h

Size: 143x95x525mm

Fluidized Bed Filter is an extremely efficient, high capacity "biological" filter.

This could also be use as a fluidized reactor for your PO4 remover/carbon. A reactor is a much better way to use your PO4 remover/carbon than a canister filter or a sack in your sump. This is because of the enormously high surface area the reactor can produce.

Decomposes Ammonia (NH3), Ammonium (NH4+) molecules into Nitrite (NO2-) and Nitrate (NO3-) respectively.
Comes with sand media

*If it is going to be use as fluidized reactor PO4 remover/carbon is not included

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