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Gel Filter Cartridge Inoculant 236ml

Gel Filter Cartridge Inoculant 236ml

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Gel Filter Cartridge Inoculant 236ml

MICROBE-LIFT/ Gel Filter Cartridge Inoculant will quickly attach to and populate all brands of filter cartridges and all styles of media including foam, floss, bio-balls, ceramic media, etc.

This will help rapidly establish the necessary biological activity in your filter to stabilize your aquarium's environment quickly. It will also help to restore the activity to your filter when you clean or change the media and when you replace your filter cartridge.

A technological breakthrough because it is the first product that lets you put the bacteria right where you want it and it STAYS THERE.



    Easily applies to filter cartridge pads/media without running or getting messy
    Contains naturally occurring bio-polymers that help the organisms quickly attach to media allowing for 80% reduction in filter start-up time
    Helps to stabilize aquarium environment quickly upon startup and eliminates transient instability that can occur when filter media is cleaned or replaced. You should replace your filter cartridge after every 6 inoculations
    Allows for more frequent cleaning of filters without subsequent instability if an aquarium has a high solids loading where frequent cleaning is beneficial
    Reduces the frequency of cleaning by accelerating the breakdown of organic solids that can lead to high maintenance requirements.
    Helps establish denitrification in the filter; which can lower nitrate levels in the aquarium
    Contains 2.5 million CFU (Colony forming units) per mL. of gel
    Immediately establishes biological activity
    Quickly stabilizers aquarium environments
    Use when inserting a new cartridge in your filter or after every cartridge cleaning
    Use whenever placing new filter media in your aquarium filtering system


Inoculate (spread) MICROBE-LIFT/Gel Filter Cartridge Inoculant directly to your filter cartridge, pads or media. The Gel will absorb into the filter cartridge, pads or media by letting it set for one to two hours before inserting back into the filter. Inoculate (spread) the gel into each corner of the filter cartridge. If your filter cartridge pad is rectangular (like the photo), add 2 more drops in the middle of the cartridge. After insertion, turn off recirculating pump for one to two hours, providing water can maintain adequate oxygenation without circulation for this amount of time.

Repeat application of MICROBE-LIFT/Gel Filter Cartridge Inoculant each time you clean or replace your filter cartridge, pads or media, when nitrate levels exceed - 0.6 mg/L or as necessary to maintain optimum performance from your filter or skimmer.

Note: Saltwater slows down bacterial action. For faster results in marine environments apply more gel.

For Maximum Shelf Life, Store In A Cool Place

    Avoid contact with eyes. Flush immediately if needed
    Use gloves to avoid contact with skin and open wounds. If exposed, wash with soap and water
    Do not use internally
    Keep out of reach of children

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