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SharkMan Great White Stream Pump 8000l/h

SharkMan Great White Stream Pump 8000l/h

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Sharkman Great White Stream Pump 8000l/h With Controller 24V DC

What is it supposed to do?
Move water around your tank in a controllable way, both water volume and direction.

So What comes in the box?
Magnetic Base pump holder, magnet good upto 20mm Glass,

Pump, 8 000L/H 18-24v DC
Power Supply (Aust. Elect. app.) with clover leaf style socket on the mains side, Australian app. power cable
Sharkman Control unit.
The interval controller worked intuitively and has been made so that it can be screwed to the stand/hood out of the way. This can support up to 4 pumps via splitter cables. (Sold seperatley)

The flexibility of the variable speed DC motors coupled with the relative safety of low voltage in tank make it more attractive than the 240v equivalents.
• P4000
• Flow rate: 8,000L/h Max.
• 18-24VDC max.22W

• Pulse range from 0.02 ~ 2.0 sec
• Adjust for single, double or triple wavelength standing wave
• Adjust for wave magnitude


• Maximum flexibility
• Widest range of direction! 360° positioning  


Longer lasting, durable rotor, ceramic seats and ceramic shaft

Controllable with wave controller




Note: Pumps come with Magnet holder, not suction cup.

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