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Hailea ACO-007 DC 12V Air Pump

Hailea ACO-007 DC 12V Air Pump

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ACO-007 12V DC Hailea Air Pump

Driven by high quality DC permanent-magent motor, the piston moves reciprocally in the cylinder up and down & produces air flow that is large in output and high in pressure.

Non-oil lubricating design to produce more purified compressed air.

Adopt SF3 new type wearable material for the cylinder and piston.

The case is made of aluminum alloy,it is small in volume, quick in heat dissipation and easy to move.

The unit is dual operation of air compressor and vacuum pump.


OUTPUT: 140L/min


PRESSURE: >0.10Mpa

WEIGHT: 4.2kg

SIZE: 218x138x181mm

Note, this pump does not come with a plug, it is designed to be hard wired to a battery or other 12v supply.
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