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Internal Power Head Filter Spray Bar 1600L/H

Internal Power Head Filter Spray Bar 1600L/H

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Internal Power Head Filter  1600 L/H for Aquarium Fish Tank

This is a brand new internal filter with air bar venturi + air hose. It is very easy to operate and pumps 1600L/H. It comes in 3 sections for multy use. The top is a 1600L/H power head. 2nd, and 3rd sections are removable sponge sections. The sponge sections can be used together or use 1 or 2 to shorten the filter to suit your aquarium. The water outlet has a spray bar that can be placed in multiple directions. This unit also comes with a variable air tube attachment if you need more aeration in your tank.

* Totally submersible.
* Suitable for tanks's up to 300Liters
* Suitable for fresh or salt water.
* High quality materials and total waterproof.
* Modern style and easy operation.
* 12 months warranty!

So How Do These Internal Filters Work?  

3 ways

Mechanical Filtration
Your JP filter draws water through the bottom of the filter and up through the cartridge chamber containing the media sponges. All debris will be caught in the sponge. Simply clean the sponges every month or so and the jobs done! This filter will work for you 24/7!

Biological Filtration
Filtration creates an amazing eco system right in your tank! It's like an army of bacteria eating away at all the harmful chemicals created from fish waste and uneaten food in your tank and where do they live, right there in your filter sponges! Your JP's working for you 24/7!

Chemical Filtration (media not included)
The JP range of power filters have larger than usual cartridge holders so you have lots of room to add chemical removers such as activated carbon, seramic noodles or zeolite etc.

Filter Specifications:

·       1600lph

·        35 watts

·        2.5m max head height

·        Double Filter Cartridge included  

·        Air intake tube Included

·        Quiet and extremely reliable

·        1 year replacement warranty

·        Suitable for tanks up to 200ltrs (up to 4ft standard tank)

·        Extremely quick & easy to clean

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