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Jebao Wave Maker WP-60

Jebao Wave Maker WP-60

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Jebao Wave Maker WP-60

wave makers + controller


    Intelligent controlling system, can convert various wave patterns.
    Easy installation and maintenance, adjustable with magnetic base.
    6 different operating modes, including variable pulse modes for wave generation and a Reef Stream mode that generates a random flow pattern similar to that found on a natural.
    Night sensor - automatically detects when tank lights go out and slows the pump.
    Adjustable flow rate from 12000L/H to 20000L/H.
    DC 24V low voltage operation, safe and reliable
    Silent operation



    Input Voltage - 100V to 240V 50/60Hz
    Power - 30W to 60W depending on the mode
    Pump Size - 14cm x 10.5cm
    EU/UK/AU/US plug supplied as required
    Power cable - 160cm long (extendable) from power source to control box
    Pump control cable - 160cm long, from control box to pump (320cm combined cable length)
     recommend for 300-800L tank (80-210 gallon)


Package includes

    1 x 60 watts pump
    1 x controller
    1 x transformer (100-240V)
    1 x magnet base
    1 X light sensor



Press the 'MODE' button to cycle through the selection of functions.

    H: High, constant, non-variable flow (13,000 L/H)
    L: Low, constant, non-variable flow at a third of the speed (4,300 L/H)
    W1: Short pulses which, when timed correctly will create a back and forth motion and form a gentle standing wave in your tank. Adjust the controller to change the speed of the pulses and vary the size of the wave according to your tank.
    W2 & W3: Pump gradually speeds up and slows down incrementally to create a varied flow pattern. Adjustable to form the wave best suited to your tank.
    Else: Reef Stream Mode, a mixed, changing pattern that creates a random flow cycle similar to what you would find in a natural reef.
    Feed: Press the 'FEED' button once, the blue '10min' light will illuminate indicating that the pump has been stopped for 10 minutes. When the time has elapsed, the light will go off and the pump will be turned back on. Alternatively, press the 'FEED' button again to start the pump.
    Lock: To prevent changes from inadvertently occurring by accidentally knocking the adjustable control knob, press and hold the 'FEED' button for 5 seconds. The red 'LOCK' light will illuminate and the control knob will no longer function. Press and hold the 'LOCK' light for a further 5 seconds to disable this feature.
    *Night: When the two-pinned sensor is inserted into the two small plugs on the left-hand side of the control box, Night mode will function automatically. The sensor detects when the tank lights go out and slows the pump to half speed. The 'Sensor' light will illuminate when Night mode is in operation. To disable the Night mode function, remove the sensor from the control box.
    * Night mode is a new feature intended for use with low output lighting. The sensor can become damaged when used with high output VHO, HQI and LED lighting systems. Customers use the sensor with high output lighting at their own risk. The sensor is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty if used with high output lighting.

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