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Liverpool Creek Triple B 500ml

Liverpool Creek Triple B 500ml

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Triple B ( Black Beard Blast ) *NEW* Dosage Rate 3 pumps (6ml) per 50L.


3pumps per 50L i.e 6pumps per 100L
( my apologies - we made error on label which had 3pumps per 100L )

*** 2 Products in . 1 bottle Carbon & Iron/ Trace/Fulvic Acid enhancing plant growth***

This solution is tailored to reduce growth of algae such as Black Beard Algae (BBA) while enhancing lush and healthy foliage in aquarium plants
Full 3x per week dosing for 1 week will see results of black beard algae deteriorate.
Once you see BBA turning orange/white you can stop dosing. If BBA is still at present , please repeat for another week.
3 pumps (6ml) per 50L ) 3 times per week.
Dose every 2nd day Monday, Wednesday, Friday with 50% weekly water change.

* Please follow instructions and DO NOT OVERDOSE as it may harm livestock. 50% weekly water change is critical*

Active ingredients :
Glutaraldehyde aqueous solution, Fulvic acid, Vitamin C, Trace elements.

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