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MAG-FLOAT Large glass Magnet Cleaner 350

MAG-FLOAT Large glass Magnet Cleaner 350

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Glass aquarium cleaner

Recommend for aquariums up to 1325l with a surface thickness up to 16mm

• Easily removes algae from glass and acrylic surfaces

• Works in freshwater and saltwater tanks

• Moves efficiently around the corners of the aquarium

• Stays free of debris due to innovative design

• Does not scratch the aquarium surface

• Keeps your hands dry through the whole cleaning process

• Can be permanently attached to the aquarium surface

• Inner magnet is easy to retrieve

• No more knocking over decorations or damaging corals and invertebrates

• Maintenance is quick and efficient due to the large cleaning surface of the magnet

• Strong, high-quality neodymium rare earth magnets do not lose strength over time

Your tank will be crystal clear!

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