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Malibu Controller Information

Malibu Controller Information

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Malibu Aqua Smart Controller is specially designed to open your new aquarium life,4 build-in modes and DIY mode. manual mode  in 4 LED channels is for all of the programmable needs for Malibu series led aquarium light.

It is possible to be a pro of Malibu Aqua controller in only 5 minutes ,no matter you have tried or just new for smart controller of aquarium light.

Programmable Modes

1.    Sunrise , Sunset mode
The light intensity of each channel's led are gradually changed from 0~100% at 24 hours simulate the sunrise, sunset, moonlight. The light intensity is dimming from
almost every hour to next to fully simulate natural sunrise sunset and moon.

Light intensity & time changing of each channel in 24 hours one day
(Do not forget to set local time first)

The typical led channels layout are as bellows:
L1: 460nm Royal blue
L2:12000K Cool White
L3:Blend of royal blue and 410nm violet
L4:Blend of Cool white and 630nm red
(There is a little different of specific led layout for each Malibu model)

2. Cloud Mode

Each channel’s led is cyclic fading from one to next (channel 1 to 4) to simulate the change of light by cloud moving.

 3. Thunder mode

Each channel’s led cyclic flash 3 times per second from one to next (channel 1 to 4) to simulate the thunder.


 4. Demo mode

It is the combination of cloud mode and thunder model showed above to help you quick view of Malibu Controller features.

DIY model

We fully understand your desire to DIY programmable your led light,
So here it is. 8 time point settable down to minute ,light intensity settable down to 1% with 4 channels.
Enjoy DIY model!
(Contact with us for manual of “How to”)

Manual mode

Manual mode is the easiest way to dim any led channel instantly from 0~100% by 1%.

One Malibu controller is able to build a daisy chain system of up to 100 units of any Malibu Series led aquarium light.

Cable connected with “Data in” and “Data out” one to another unit.

Just need one WIFI Malibu controller and a WIFI signal receiver build in any one unit.
All units can be programmable simultaneously.

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