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Marine Sources FBF-10800 Media Reactor

Marine Sources FBF-10800 Media Reactor

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Technical specification
Item No.: FBF10800
Size(diameter/height MM): 250/1000
Footprint: 290*290 MM (not include the top pipe fittings)
Chamber Capacity Max.: 45 L
Water Inlet: 25 MM
Water Outlet: 32 MM
Recommended tank: 10800 L
(updated on July 2015)
Marine Sources FBF series media reactor are multi-functional. It can be used with the below suggested media
◆ Activated Carbon
◆ Phosphate Control Media
◆ Nitrate Control Media
◆ Fluidized Sand / Substrate for Bio-Filtration
◆ Sulphur De-Nitrification

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