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Marine Sources Skimmer head cleaner 150

Marine Sources Skimmer head cleaner 150

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Marine Sources skimmer cleaning head
We normally can watch some dirt and waste accumulate on the riser tube of the collection cup after the protein skimmer has been running for some days. This is normally caused by the waste fall off in the course of the foam rising. If it is not cleaned, this deposit will lower the skimmer performance as the foam will find it harder to climb to the collection cup and the waste it has collected will also decrease accordingly.
Using the Marine Sources skimmer cleaning head,it can solve this problem thoroughly.
When operating, the cleaning head will brush the inner foam rising tube and it will remove the waste accumulation.
We recommend to use it together with an automatic timer. For example,we can set to use it to clean every 1~2 days for some minute, it will make your skimmer maintenance effortless.

Item No.:SCH-150
For the size:Diameter 150MM collection cup
Recommended MS skimmer model:RDC-850/RDC-900/SDC-900/SDC-900E/SDP-900/SDP-900E/DHO-850C/DHO-900/DHO-900 or other brand with the collection of diameter 150MM

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