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Marine Sources Skimmer Neck Extensions

Marine Sources Skimmer Neck Extensions

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MARINE SOURCES Skimmer Neck Extensions
MS Skimmer Neck Extensions are designed to extend the neck of Marine Sources skimmer to achieve better perfomance. It can make your skimmer adjustment and improvement easier by adding 1 or 2 pieces to increase the height of your skimmer.
1 It can help to increase the dwell time of the mixing between water and air to collect the dissolved organices better.
2 It also can help to increase the skimmer interal water level to prevent the skimmer from overflowing without modifying your sump and lifting up your skimmer
Suitable for
RDC-850 / RDC-900 / SDC-900 / SDC-900E
SDP-900 / SDP-900E / DHO-850 / DHO-850C
DHO-900 / DHO-900C

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