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New era Aegis Pellet 1mm 60g

New era Aegis Pellet 1mm 60g

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New Era is changing! Soon the name will change to Vitalis...Don't worry, it will still be the same top quality food from the same company, just with a new name and some different graphics! As the new food comes through we will be adding it to orders, so you may receive this brand if you ordered New Era.
* Highly digestible marine fish food supports healthy immune function * Designed for less waste, which means improved water quality * Made with sustainably sourced ingredients in large flakes or sinking pellets
New EraNew Era Aegis tropical marine fish food is a unique complete diet formulated to support a healthy immune system. This formula includes Vitamins A, D3, and E, all of which play an important role in the normal function of immune cells. Featuring a base made of fish meal, krill, squid, fish oil, mussel, and shrimp, this palatable and highly digestible formula helps keep fish in peak condition while ensuring less waste in the aquarium for better water quality. New Era Aegis foods are made from sustainably sourced quality ingredients to help reduce pressure on the planet's resources. Soft sinking pellets.
This food provides a complete feeding regime, but it is ideal to use Aegis Pellets in rotation with New Era's Marine and Algae formulas to ensure nutritional variety and maximum palatability. Ideal for use with Damselfish, Clownfish, Lionfish, Anthias, Gramma, Butterflyfish, all Angelfish, Wrasse, Garden Eels, Parrotfish, and Hawkfish.
Feeding Guide Feed up to three times per day. Remove any uneaten food from aquarium. Store in a cool, dry place. Do not put wet fingers in Aegis container. Do not overfeed.
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