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ORP PH & Temp Controller

ORP PH & Temp Controller

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ORP & Temp. Controller & Monitor

Includes ORP Probe

Monitors ORP or pH levels plus water temperature indicator in a single unit.

Easy to read LCD with different back ground light as indication of operation

Detect and indicate a faulty PH electrode

Digitally adjustable to allow precise ajustment

Alarm releases when the pH or ORP level is out of the setting range


Power Consumption Approx. 2 watt

Relay contact 5A 240V ac

Display LCD with 2 color back light

Measurement 0 to 14pH, -1999 to +1999mv, 0 to 50 degrees C.

Set Range 3.0 to 11.0pH, -1000 to +1000mv

Resolution 0.01pH,  1mv, 0.1degreeC  


PLEASE NOTE: This unit does not come with the calibration solution & pH probe, they are for sale as a separate item at the following link  

pH Probe:

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