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Phospha-Guard ION-X RE-CYCLE 1.2kg

Phospha-Guard ION-X RE-CYCLE 1.2kg

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Phospha-Guard ION-X RE-CYCLE 1.2kg

RE-Charges all Ferric Oxide / Hydroxide based phosphate removal media

 - 1.2kgs RE-Charges 1.5lts Ferric Oxide based phosphate removal media

 Directions for use

Mix 200g of RE-CYCLE in 2lts hot tap water (NOT boiling water). This will regenerate approximately 250ml of phosphate removal media. Cut the bottom of a 2lts plastic bottle off and make a small hole in the cap. Place the media in the bottle and add RE-CYCLE solution so that it slowly flows out of the hole made in the cap. The longer slower the RE-CYCLE solution flows out the bottom of the cap, the more efficient the regeneration process will be. Rinse media in the same manner with 4lts RO water before returning back to tank


RE-CYCLE contains inorganic salts of carbonate and chloride which has a high pH. Wear protective eye-wear and rubber gloves. Do not add phosphate removal media until it has been rinsed according to instructions as this could be detrimental to corals and fish

Caution: Contains inorganic salts of carbonate; harmful if swallowed. If accidently ingested, drink water and seek immediate medical attention. May cause eye or skin irritation. If contacted with eyes, rinse with water for 15 minutes and seek immediate medical attention. If contacted with skin, wash thoroughly with water. Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption.

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