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Plug Timers

Plug Timers

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Plug Timer

 3 Adapter plug complete with incorporated timer. Ideal for aquarium Metal halide lights, UV sterilizers, pumps and filters.   

Input: AC160-240V 50HZ  

Output: 16A resistive load  

Min setting time: 1 minute  

Max setting time: 168 hours  

Up to 15 on and off switches per day  

Option to programmed individual days or 3 different weekday groups  

Easy to read LCD display  

Recharged battery backup  

3 set plug, individual control.  

7 Day Individually Programmable Timer  

Save Costs, Reduce your Standby Power Consumption!

Allows you to individually program 3 individual ports, and simultaneous operation of 3 separate appliances!

Whether you are about to travel on vacation, have an extensive garden light and watering setup, are looking to reduce your standby power consumption, or are simply looking to protect your electrical devices with some solid surge protection – today’s catch is your solution. Protect your investment in high end home theatre gear, computers and LCDS, save on power consumption.

    Surge protection
    7 day digital timer – save on power consumption, save dollars
    Reduced power consumption. Forget about constant ‘standby’ power drain, simply program the power board to switch devices off completely at any time you please.
    3 individual programmable outlets with LED indicators. Program 3 devices separately!
    4 on/off programs per outlet
    Easy one button program check function
    Built-in rechargeable battery backup (for timer)
    Current time and date display
    LCD screen.



    Create the illusion that your home is occupied when absent by setting your lights, TV, stereo, etc. to come as per your program settings.
    Garden lighting
    Entertainment centre appliances, such as stereo systems, VCR’s, televisions etc
    Kitchen appliances, such as rice cookers, slow cookers, water coolers, coffee machines, etc.
    Office equipment
    Festive lightning displays
    Automatic watering systems
    Neon light control
    Window light display control
    Office equipment

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