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DIY Chemicals Potassium/Kalium 2kg

DIY Chemicals Potassium/Kalium 2kg

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SKU:SKU Potassium/Kalium 2kg

Potassium/Kalium 2kg

Pharmaceutical Grade Potassium/Kalium in 2kg bags

For those of you using bac driven systems such as Ultra or Zeo, do you know what your Potassium levels are at?Potassium has recently become a hot topic as K depletion is resulting in drab colors and dried out tissue in SPS in these systems.

Kalium or also known as Potassium (K) is one of several main important nutrient that plants need to survive known as macro nutrients.
"Plants require potassium ions (K+) for protein synthesis and for the opening and closing of stomata, which is regulated by proton pumps to make surrounding guard cells either turgid or flaccid. A deficiency of potassium ions can impair a plants ability to maintain these processes."
A common sight of potassium deficiency in a planted tank usually can be identified by the forming of pinholes on leaves

Product Description and Directions:

Saltwater Correct Potassium-K is a High Purity Dry Form Supplement that provides essential potassium for the growth and coloration of hard corals including SPS-Small Polyp Stony corals.

Potassium values become rapidly depleted from the aquarium water column by many different plants and animals metabolic processes and supplementation is necessary to correct the imbalance for cellular respiration and being an important nutrient for macro algae and coral zooxanthellae.

In natural seawater, potassium is a major element with a concentration value slightly lower then that of calcium.

Maintaining potassium values has with in the past few years, been implicated in improving the blue coloration of many varieties of SPS-Small Polyp Stony corals.


Many sea salt mixes are deficient in potassium.

Saltwater Correct Potassium-K supplement can be used to combat potassium depletion that often happens with the use of Zeolite based filtration methods that is used to maintain ultra low nutrient marine aquarium systems.

Monitoring and maintaining your potassium values is part of helping to stabilizing your water chemistry values.

The rate at which potassium is depleted from the water column is determined by the stocking density of your livestock, biological filtration and chemical values.

Each aquarium system will have different requirements for the rate of potassium supplementation.

Do not add this product or any other supplement directly to an aquarium system containing live animals without first diluting in plain filtered water.

Take extreme care not to add this product too quickly, will cause some corals to shrink-up, irritate or harm them.

Drip method or using a doser is best when adding supplements to your aquarium.

Add 30 ppm per dose, per day, to reach your desired calcium values, then dose as part of a daily or weekly regimen to maintain your calcium values.

Ideal calcium values are 350 ppm to 450 ppm.

Potassium values in natural seawater is around 380 ppm, acceptable potassium values are 350 ppm to 450 ppm.

Instructions are to be used as a guide line:

It's highly recommended to test your potassium values before dosing and not to exceed 30 ppm per dose, per day.

Dissolve 2 grams of product in 8 fl oz of plain filter water , then about 1/2 teaspoon of the liquid per each 20 gallons of tank water, add daily until you reach your potassium value, then add daily (which is best), weekly or as needed to maintain the potassium concentration within the range of 350 ppm to 450 ppm, 380 ppm is recommended.

Drip method or using a dosing pump is best.

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