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Weipro Protein Skimmer Internal SA-2005

Weipro Protein Skimmer Internal SA-2005

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Weipro Protein Skimmer Internal SA-2005


    Fits in most Nano Cube back filter compartments
    Great for Skimming Nano Reef Tanks upto 100 litres
    Compact in size, with low noise
    Comes with built-in Water Pump
    Superior Craftsmanship
    High Grade Acrylic Construction
    Highly Efficient, Durable, Reliable
    Simple to Set Up and Operate
    Includes support bracket

Submersible skimmer with built in powerhead
Suitable for inside your sump or aquarium
Venturi injector
Dimensions :  93mm x 87mm x 373mm
Perfect for Nano reef aquariums
Suitable for upto 100 litres

    Pump: 640L/h
    Water Head: 0.90m
    Power: 7W
    Tank Size: 100L


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