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HQB-2500 Pump-2000L/phr Submersable Multi-purpose

HQB-2500 Pump-2000L/phr Submersable Multi-purpose

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HQB-2500 Sun Sun JT JHQ/HQJ-2500 2000lph Submersible Pump For
Whether you need a pump for your Aquarium, a water feature or fountain the JT range of submersible pumps will do it all! They are extremely reliable, quiet and economical to run. We've had these pumps running 24/7 for the last 3 years and they've never missed a beat! We've tried plenty of others over the last 20 years and they don't even come close!
    •    2000lph - Plenty of Pressure here!
    •    55w - It won't break the bank in electricity costs!
    •    2.0m Head Height - Great for the water fountain!
    •    Inline & Submersible - Under water or out, no problem!
    •    Dimensions 153 x 105 x 135mm - Nice and compact!
    •    Quiet and extremely reliable - It says it all!
    •    Extremely Similar in design and function to a leading German Brand - We can say no more!
    •    2 year warranty - You won't need it but it's there anyway! Excl. impeller.
    •    Built to Australian Standards - It's Safe!

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