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Pump - Submersible Multi-Purpose 8000L/phr SP-9600S

Pump - Submersible Multi-Purpose 8000L/phr SP-9600S

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RESUN SP-9600S Multi-Function Submersible Pump. 8000L/phr and a max head of 5.2meters

Made of Hi quality ABS Plastic
Has a ceramic shaft and heavy duty rotor made of rare-earth magnet
Encapsulated magnet rotor by plastic injection with no direct contact with water, ensuring long lifespan
High quality ceramic bushing,bearing and shaft makes this pump ideal for sea water use
Designed to drain water to low level with the water inlet at the bottom

Power - 230W
Head - 5.2Meter
Output - 4000L/phr
Weight - 4.8Kg

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