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Red Sea FloraBase Planted Tank Substrate

Red Sea FloraBase Planted Tank Substrate

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Red Sea FloraBase Planted Tank Substrate  5.4kg

FloraBase is a patented, scientifically formulated substrate produced from natural volcanic ash-based soil, sintered with other minerals into a soft, porous, granular structure.

Something totally new from Red Sea...An Aquatic plant
substrate that actually benefits the plants and the
aquarium. A new innovation in formulated substrates
Flora Base has been scientifically designed to provide
the optimum nutrients and growth factors for all aquatic
plants while significantly increasing the overall beauty
of the aquarium. It's completely pH balanced and will
actually remove cloudiness from the aquarium water.
Read below for some of the other great benefits
provided by this new innovation in substrate technology:

Flora Base: All-in-one Aquatic Plant Substrate
In nature, aquatic plants flourish where the river or
lake bottom provides a regular supply of the minerals
and organic substances necessary for the vitality of
the plants, and where its texture allows the plants
to root strongly.
Flora Base is a scientifically formulated,
state-of-the-art product that provides both the
nutrients and texture required by plants for proper
growth and development, guaranteeing ideal (natural)
conditions for lasting plant growth.
Flora Base is made from natural ingredients including
river bottom clays and naturally occurring organic
compounds that have been formed into a soft, porous,
granular structure that is easily penetrated by
growing roots. The roots are thereby truly anchored
to the substrate while having immediate access to
all of the nutrients. The porous structure also
allows plant nutrients to be released to the
surrounding water so that no additional fertilizers
need be added.
Flora Base is pH stabilized and will assist in
maintaining the correct pH beneficial for
aquatic plants. The natural properties inherent in
Flora Base actively absorb floating substances
removing cloudiness from the aquarium water.
Each 12lb (5.4kg) bag of Flora Base will provide
the right quantity of substrate for a 10-gallon
aquariumFlora Base should NOT be rinsed prior to addition
to the aquarium or mixed with gravel or other substrates.
Owner's Note - This eliminates the need for heating cables as it releases heat just like in nature where the substrate is warmer than the surrounding water. CO2 is also released, and the fertilizer contained within is good for the first six months, meaning you do not need to add fertilizer. In a side by side comparison test Flora Base produced lush, beautiful growth compared to Flourite by SeaChem which performed ok, but not like the Flora Base.

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