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Red Sea Sparkle Water Clarifier

Red Sea Sparkle Water Clarifier

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Red Sea Sparkle Water Clarifier 100ml

Water Clarifier
Makes aquarium water crystal clear

Removes / inhibits suspended algae
Eliminates turbidity
Binds phosphate
For freshwater aquariums & garden ponds
To be added to the aquarium if water is cloudy
Add 5 ml /1 teaspoon to 100 liters / 25 gal of water
Treats 2000 liters / 500 gal of water

100ml (3.4 fl.oz.) treats 2000 liter / 500 gal. [100ml bottle]

Undesirable organic matter such as free floating algae or the protein and cellulose residue from decomposed waste materials raise the organic loading of the water causing cloudiness or discoloration of the aquarium water and in high levels can become dangerous to fish health.

Sparkle mechanically catches the undesirable organic matter as well as algae promoting phosphate compounds, as it flocculates and forms large flakes that are either caught in the mechanical filter or sink to the bottom of the aquarium, to be removed with a regular aquarium-gravel cleaner.

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