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Reef Anabolics Amino Aloe + 50ml bottle

Reef Anabolics Amino Aloe + 50ml bottle

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Reef Anabolics was established in 2015 by Australian hobbyists striving to achieve an “all in one” trace element product covering not just general coral health but growth acceleration and brilliant colour. The Trace Element Support System aimed for the BIG 3: quality, performance and, most importantly, cost. With a competitive market we have considered affordability for the home hobbyist, allowing even the most novice reefer to enjoy healthy vibrant corals. 

Reef Anabolics will continually strive to produce quality products within an affordable price range that promote healthy vibrant corals.

Become the elite, experience rapid growth and witness true colour!


Amino Aloe+ contains selected concentrated amino acids and aloe vera. Suitable for Ultra Low Nutrient Systems (ULNS), it is a growth promoter and immunity booster for corals that maximises polyp extension.

Dosage: 1 drop for 100L (27 US gal) every other day. Alternate day dosing with Amino PRO for maximum results. Dispense in high flow area.

Maximum of 1 drop per 100L (27 US gal) of water. Please note each aquarium is different. Taking into consideration the livestock in your tank, it is recommended you start with a lowered dose (for example, half of the recommended dosage) and observe how corals respond. If corals respond positively, steadily increase the dosing until you reach the maxium dosage of 1 drop per 100L (27 US gal).Recommended to use in conjunction with Amino PRO. Keep refrigerated. Not for human consumption.

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