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Reef Anabolics Complete elements Calcium + 1 Litre

Reef Anabolics Complete elements Calcium + 1 Litre

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Reef Anabolics Complete Elements Formula 1, 2 and 3 builds on the foundations of Reef Anabolics Trace Elements Support System with the addition of Reef Anabolics Macro Elements Range. Reef Anabolics Complete Elements provides a simple all-in-one plug and play dosing system and is delivered as three separate concentrated blends containing key trace and macro elements crucial for the development of corals and other marine organisms. Providing a simple system without the guess work will give the avid reefing enthusiast more time to enjoy their reef aquarium. Reef Anabolics Complete Elements can be used on LPS, SPS and mixed systems. This range is available in 1L (33.8 fl oz).

Reef Anabolics Complete Elements Calcium+ (Formula 2) replenishes calcium and other key trace elements consumed by growing coral within a reef aquarium. Maintaining a consistent level between 380-460ppm (mg/L) will allow healthy development within all corals. Calcium is crucial for stony corals, clams and calcareous algae. Formula 2 has a concentration of 50,000ppm






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