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Rowa KH+ 500ml

Rowa KH+ 500ml

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Trace elements concentrate chemically pure of raw materials

Calcium (Ca) and carbohydrates are indispensible for healthy and colorful growth of invertebrates and coral. We recommend keeping a concentration of approx. 420-450mg/l ca-ions and a level of 9 – 10˚ KH. ROWA© life elements KH+ enables a select supplementation of carbohydrates to keep a carbonate hardness in the seawater aquarium as natural as possible. Regular addition of ROWA© life- elements KH+ combined with ROWA© life- elements calcium+ stabilizes PH, KH level and calcium concentration in the aquarium. Even in seawater aquaria without calcium reactor, too, growth of stone- and soft coral in secure and fading out of colors is prevented.   

-        Without color and preservatives, without complex and organic additives  

-        Fixed skeletal structure, distinct coloration and high growth rates of coral  

-        Ingredients can not be skim because they are not bound complexing

-        Chemically stable mix without phosphates, nitrates or silicates 

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