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ROWA Multi 500ml

ROWA Multi 500ml

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ROWA  Multi 500ml  

 Trace elements concentrate chemically pure of raw materials   

Trace elements are vital building units and are indispensible for a healthy and colorful growth of invertebrates and coral, particularly for stone-and soft coral. ROWA© life-elements multi contains all important minerals and trace elements in a special composition.

Using high-grade additives enables accelerated intake and better substances availability for aquaria inhabitants. After the first doings, an increased opening of the coral polyps can be observed. Regular addition prevents deficiency manifestations such as fading out of colors and promotes growth.

- Without color and preservatives, without complex and organic additives

- Contains the trace elements needed for sea water aquariums

- Fixed skeletal structure, distinct coloration and high growth rates of coral

- Ingredients cannot be skim because they are not bound complexing

-Chemically stable mix without phosphates, nitrates, or silicates

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