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RowaLife Magnesium Elements 500ml

RowaLife Magnesium Elements 500ml

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RowaLife Magnesium Elements 500ml

Magnesium is an often neglected element in sea water aquaria. It shares of approx 1400 mg / l mg-ions in natural sea-water is many times higher than that of the highly considered calcium supplement.

RowaLife Magnesium elements enables a select supplementation of magnesium to stabilize the level of magnesium and keep it as natural as possible.

    Without colour and preservatives, without complex and organic additives
    Fixed skeletal structure, distinct coloration and high growth rates of coral
    Chemically stable mix without phosphates, nitrates or silicates
    ingredients cannot be skim because they are not bound complex

Dosage: 5ml per 100L aquarium water-twice a week

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