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Seneye USB Reef

Seneye USB Reef

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Understanding what is happening inside your aquarium is vital to ensuring that the aquatic life remains healthy. This revolutionary water monitoring device allows you to continuously track the changes in the water parameters, alerting you to the problems before they affect the fish. Protect your fish with a seneye monitor.

Find out which of the seneye product is most suitable for you. Easily compare what features each of the seneye products have and what features can be upgraded in the future.

why use seneye to monitor your aquarium?
We buy a fish tank to hold water, then a heater or chiller to keep the temperature constant, filters to keep the fish from becoming poisoned, along with lights for illumination and plant growth. Then we spend a fortune on fish, coral, plants and décor which we become very attached to. The next step is to cross our fingers and hope for the best or spend half our lives testing and checking is all okay. There is an alternative, let seneye protect your loved ones.

All parameters are monitored - not only ammonia
No aquarium or pond however mature can be guaranteed as stable and never to crash. Changes in water parameters are bad and can affect aquarists from novice to professional. A range of things from poor aquarium husbandry to equipment failure can cause swings in water parameters that harm your fish. A seneye constantly watches for these dangerous changes which are undetectable to the human eye. Seneye monitors parameters which are key to the survival of aquatic life and likely to change very fast when something does go wrong.

Temperature is one of the most important environmental factors in the aquatic environment. Aquarists keep fish from all over the world and they have different requirements on temperature. Pond temperature can swing greatly and this can have major effect on fish, metabolic rates, biological filter activity and oxygenation. Often heaters and chillers are used to control temperature but no matter how expensive your equipment it will eventually stop working; when it does you will wish you had a warning device to let you know things weren’t right where ever you happen to be.


pH in an aquarium or pond is very important to understand as many fish will only thrive in certain range. Even though fish are good at adjusting to pH levels over time when changes are sudden it can kill. For this reason watching for change and understanding fluctuations is very important; as is understanding the potential difference in water chemistry when introducing new fish. ph will constantly change in any aquarium so taking a reading once a week or month may not show you what the real pH is. Constantly taking pH readings is the only way to protect your aquarium from the few times it will crash and understand its natural cycles.

All fish excrete ammonia as a waste product and if it builds up in aquarium water it will quickly become toxic even at low levels. Free ammonia, NH3 is a toxic gas and is the number 1 killer of fish. NH3 should not be confused with non toxic ammonium NH4 . Traditional ammonia test kits look at NH4 and until now people have not been able to look at NH3 in the low levels that are toxic. Normally aquarium filters are designed to convert or remove NH3 & NH4 through biological activity or chemical absorption. Rarely tested for in mature aquariums NH3 is viewed as a ‘new tank’ issue; the reality is any aquarium can experience a raise in toxic NH3 through; pH change, filter blockages, bacteria crashes (sometimes by unseen insecticides), chemicals additives, or even simple water changes. If you wouldn’t dream of keeping fish without a filter you should invest in making sure it’s working.

      (ideal for planted tanks)
2.5 meter USB cable
plug and play
warning for high or low temperature
warning for high or low pH
warning for high NH3
warning for in/out of water
theoretical total ammonia
theoretical oxygen (maximum possible level)
day / night logged
LUX readings
PAR readings
KELVIN readings
email warning and advice
warnings on device
Offline data logs on device every hour
30 days data logging storage
data logged to web server
results stored online every 30 minutes


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