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SolarMax T5 54W 03 420nm Marine Blue

SolarMax T5 54W 03 420nm Marine Blue

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SKU:SKU T5 54W 420nm Marine Blue

SolarMax T5 54W Marine Blue 420nm (4ft)

420nm Moon light is the latest of our 4 tubes and as the name suggests it emits high levels of actinic light. 420nm Moonlight emit the UV, which creates a very pleasant fluorescent effect on corals, invertebrates and exotic marine fish.

When used at night with no other lamps, the effect is of a dark moonlit night with the vivid colours of the corals and invertebrates fluorescing brilliantly

    Re-creates fluorescing brilliantly
    Blue actinic light
    UVA creates fluorescence
    Promotes growth of invertibrates

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